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BAC to BAC: Large Scale Gene Targeting

At ingenious, 200kb is the standard. No restrictions. Only possibilities.

Combining BAC targeting with our other technologies:

TruView Conditional Knockout™: Certainty through GFP


Point Mutation Models

Knockout Models

Knockin Models

For too long, mouse model designs have been dictated by size constraints imposed by the limitations of technology. At ingenious, our mission to push past limits has led to the development of proprietary BAC and fosmid technologies that reduce the time associated with these projects to a fraction of their typical imposing scale.

From the initial project concept, to identifying positive clones, to confirming F1 neo deleted mice, all within a year- 200 kb targeting is the new “standard size” at ingenious targeting laboratory. Design your model, the center of your research, around what is needed to advance your field, not just what someone else tells you is possible.

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