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From classic models to cutting-edge technologies, ingenious has been advancing the field of genetically engineered mice for nearly two decades. In that time we have developed and acquired unique technologies that foster responsible innovation, advanced our CRISPR/Cas9 technology so we can improve the quality and speed of generating mouse models, without excess materials and animals. This expands capabilities with KO mice, KI mice, humanized mice, targeted transgenic, and other variations. This sets ingenious apart, allowing you, the researcher, to create models that exceed expectations. Our team of industry veterans will continue to pursue new technologies that challenge conventional wisdom and stretch the possibilities of mouse model generation.

TruHumanization™ Improving Humanized Mouse Models

ingenious offers TruHumanization™ as a solution to the challenges presented by standard methods to humanize the mouse. By utilizing large BACs, we are able to replace the mouse gene of interest with the entire human gene sequence including promoter, intron, exon, and regulatory sequences, in a single targeting step. This saves time and money, leads to more faithful gene regulation and processing, and allows the potential to perform functional and regulatory studies on multiple transcripts.

Rapid-Rosa26™ Targeting: Improving Targeted Transgenics

Rapid-Rosa26™ Targeting models are ingenious’ solution to the request for custom targeted transgenic models with shorter production timelines and reduced cost, without compromising performance and quality. By utilizing well-validated gene targeting strategies combined with our ready-to-go enhancing vectors, we deliver your expression cassette or cDNA to the Rosa26 locus in record time. This allows for the generation of precisely targeted, custom transgenic mouse models with a variety of expression possibilities at up to 25% reduced time and cost when compared to competitor technologies.


Combining accuracy and timeliness while minding the 3 Rs. Learn more about a CRISPR knockout.

Inducible/Reversible Regulation of Gene Expression with F.A.S.T.™ Technology

Exclusively at ingenious, F.A.S.T.™ (Flexible Accelerated STOP TetO) technology is a versatile tool where a single targeting event yields a multi-purpose mouse line with the potential for five or more controllable functionalities from the same locus, just using mating. The models that can be generated include: global gene knockout, tissue & time-specific gene rescue, ectopic gene expression, inducible & reversible gene over expression, and inducible & reversible gene knockdown.

ingenious’ Split Cre Technology: Overcome Cre Mice Development Challenges

Cre expressing mouse lines that were previously unavailable due to toxicity can now be generated without risk using ingenious’ Split Cre Mice technology.

TruView Conditional Knockout™: Certainty through GFP

Verifying that Cre recombinase has successfully disrupted your target gene can be challenging, particularly when working with tissue-specific Cre expression. ingenious’ TruView Conditional Knockout™ system makes the process simple. Utilizing our proprietary split-GFP design, reporter expression is tied to the recombination event and the restoration of GFP. Our technology removes concerns about leakiness and limited or low expression from the local gene promoter, and provides a reliable visual cue to show that your target gene has been knocked out.

FLP Embryonic Stem Cells: One Step Ahead of the Rest

Our proprietary highly germline competent FLP ES cells alleviates the need for breeding out the Neo selection cassette, which in turn saves 3-6 months of mouse production time and cost.

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