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Gene Replacement

TruHumanization™, exclusively by ingenious. Create the ultimate model with precise gene replacement.

Traditional approaches to humanizing genes in the mouse all lack one or more elements of gene regulation. In addition to upstream promoters and untranslated regions in mRNA, expression can be affected by promoters located in introns, by splicing, and by the gene’s chromosomal location. Only full gene replacement recapitulates all these features. Contact us today to discuss a new gene replacement model.

There is no longer the limitation of leaving out human noncoding regions in your design.

Create a better model to study your human gene of interest.

ingenious makes it easy to replace entire mouse genes with human.

Enhance your model by adding a reporter or making a conditional allele.

Advantages of Fully Humanized Mouse Models

Let ingenious create the ultimate model for you by fully humanizing your gene of interest. Using TruHumanization™ technology up to 200kb can be replaced in a single step, including coding and noncoding sequence. Your new model will be a true gene replacement: the mouse sequence is eliminated and replaced with human genomic sequence.

A humanized gene can also include a reporter, or be made into a conditional allele for increased control over expression, and can incorporate known disease-causing mutations. Fully humanized mouse models lead to more faithful gene regulation and processing as well as the potential to perform functional and regulatory studies on multiple transcripts, providing you with a more flexible mouse model to study for years to come.

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