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Project FAQs

Before Starting A New Animal Project

1) I need a new animal model. What should I do first?

2) Can my lab or my institute’s core facility perform part of the work?

3) How long will my project take?

4) How much will my project cost?

5) What will you deliver at the end of the project?

6) What is your guarantee?

7) When do I get a targeting vector design?

During The Project

1) What is the first step in a new project?

2) Where can I access my project documents?

3) What should I think about before the project is complete?

After Your Project Is Completed

1) Do you keep backup mice?

2) How can I obtain my project’s targeting vector and/or ES cells?

3) Do you offer additional services after the model is created?


1) What is the difference between Somatic- and Germline-Neo-Deletion mice?

2) What are the conditions of your animal facility?

3) Who owns animal models created by ingenious?

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