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Preclinical Services:

In Vivo Mouse Models, Drug Efficacy, Molecular Biology

Based on our Immuno-Oncology humanized mouse model repository, ingenious targeting laboratory offers preclinical services for your drug candidates of interest.  We aim to satisfy the study requirements of your in vivo experiments, mechanism investigation and molecular biological studies, and to confirm the effectiveness and safety of new drug(s). 

This service applies to pharmaceutical enterprises, biomedical research institutes, new drug development centers, new drug R&D institutes at colleges and universities, and other organizations worldwide.

Preclinical Services Available

Non-GLP Toxicology

Designing a proper non-GLP acute toxicology study can help minimize the risk of failure during preclinical studies to help you decide whether your program is suitable to advance forward.

Using our Immuno-Oncology humanized mouse models, we can help to evaluate drugs through a comprehensive analysis platform and test the physiological and pathological effects of drugs.


Non-clinical pharmacokinetic studies reveal the dynamic changes of drugs in vivo, obtain the basic pharmacokinetic parameters of drugs, and clarify the process and characteristics of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME).  

We can help to provide support and services for pharmacokinetic research in the pre-clinical trial phase. 

Phenotype Analysis

We can help to perform the following studies in our Immuno-Oncology humanized mouse models:

Blood cell and blood biochemical testing
CT image analysis
Pathological section and immunohistochemical analysis
FACS sorting and analysis
Detection of blood cytokines
Gene expression and protein analysis
Whole-body in vivo imaging and analysis
Metabolic analysis
Behavioral research.

Pharmacology & Pharmacodynamics

Based on our Immuno-Oncology humanized mouse model repository, our Company can help provide pharmacodynamics evaluation services including the evaluation of drugs for anti-inflammatory immunity, antineoplastic agent analysis, effects based on the cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic system, and more.

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