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Mouse Genotyping – ingenious Add-On Service

Guaranteed with 100% accuracy, starting at $10 per tail.

Building upon your custom mouse model production. Convenient, affordable, and accurate.

Ingenious offers a convenient and valuable PCR genotyping service that you can take advantage of when the production of your custom mouse model is complete. This service can include any PCR assay we developed when screening the targeted mouse ES cells or genotyping the mice during our production of your knockout or knockin mouse model.

Our service provides unambiguous detection of your targeted allele, whether it is the primary allele or the recombined allele after Cre or Flp activity. We can help you identify which mice you need to keep from the new generations of mice that you generate from breeding your custom mouse model.

Genotyping assays and service pricing:

PCR genotyping service, starting at $10 per tail.

Mouse Genotyping Add On Service

$10 per tail

Examples of services that require one PCR assay each:

Screening for Neo selection cassette deletion
Screening for distal loxP (heterozygous or homozygous conditional knockout)
Screening for Sox2-Cre transgene
Screening for FLP deleter transgene
Screening for heterozygous ROSA26 knockin
Screening for heterozygous conditional inversion knockin

$15 per tail

Examples of services that require two PCR assays each:

Screening for homozygous ROSA26 knockin
Screening for homozygous conditional inversion knockin

$20 per tail

Example of services that require one PCR assay & DNA sequencing each:

Screening for constitutive point mutation knockin

The service fee per tail includes DNA extraction, PCR, gel analysis, and data report. We can also provide a more customized genotyping service involving PCR assay development and primer design. Note that a more customized genotyping service may require a minimum number of samples to be provided (e.g., five or more samples).

Our Step-by-Step Process

ingenious Designed Primers. Because we already performed the initial genotyping on your project, we may already have the relevant primers for running your genotyping assay. If we don’t already have the primers needed for your PCR assay, it should be straightforward for us to design them for your genotyping order.
DNA Extraction. DNA is then extracted from every sample you send.
PCR Amplification. A small amount of DNA from every sample is used for PCR analysis.
Gel Electrophoresis. Once the PCR reactions are finished, all samples are analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis.
Gel Documentation. Agarose gels are imaged using a gel documentation system. All electronic images are stored in our database indefinitely.
Genotyping Analysis. Once the agarose gels have been imaged, the genotypes are determined based on the pattern(s) of the bands present.
Free Re-Runs. If a genotype cannot be determined with 100% certainty, we will re-run it free of charge. If a sample cannot be genotyped, you will be given the choice of submitting a new sample to be genotyped at no additional cost.
Genotyping Report. All genotypes, including gel documentation data, will be submitted to the client in the form of a genotyping report.

Genotyping Service Information

Sample processing turnaround time and genotyping report

Sample quality and repeating assays

Client preparation of mouse tail samples

Sample submission


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