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Large-Scale Humanized ACE2 Mouse

Strain Name: huACE2-ingenL

Catalog Number: IT-HU-00010

Our core mouse model (hu-ACE2 Large-Scale) can be used by researchers to help understand the immune response and for the development of vaccines and/or therapeutics.

It allows SARS CoV-2 (and related viruses that use this receptor) to enter mouse cells and establish an infection that can be studied. By removing the endogenous mouse receptor, which cannot be used for viral entry, it’s possible to increase susceptibility to the virus.

Exclusively by ingenious targeting laboratory.

ACE2 Humanized Mouse Model Overview

ingenious targeting laboratory is developing a large-scale humanized ACE2 mouse model (hu-ACE2) which provides a hybrid human/mouse ACE2 receptor. Our targeted gene replacement of the mouse locus aims to support viral tropism towards the human host while conserving intracellular signaling functionality of the mouse – thus, enabling studies of infectivity, viral life cycle and disease progression as well as treatment options by means of a virally-susceptible murine experimental platform.

These mice should be handled in a manner consistent with CDC/ABSA/WHO guidelines for prevention of human infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Proper PPE and handling methods should be used at all times when working with these mice.

As part of our NIH-funded SBIR project, this and related mouse models are made available to specialists in the coronavirus, drug discovery and vaccine development fields by early/intermittent distribution.

AgeGenotypeSexPrice per Mouse*
About 4-8 weeksHeterozygousFemale$295
About 4-8 weeksHomozygousFemale$295
About 4-8 weeksHemizygousMale$295

*Minimum of 10 mice per order.

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