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COVID-19 Mouse Models

Exclusively by ingenious.

Our core mouse model (hu-ACE2 Large-Scale), in addition to the booster and cDNA models, can be used by researchers to help understand the immune response and for the development of vaccines and/or therapeutics. These models support viral infection towards the human host and enable relevant studies of infectivity, viral life cycle, and disease progression.

The main obstacle to the infection of mouse cells with SARS-CoV-2 is the lack of appropriate receptors to initiate viral infection. ingenious’s COVID-19 mouse models allow SARS CoV-2 (and related viruses that use this receptor) to enter mouse cells and establish an infection that can be studied. For example, in the hu-ACE2 Large-Scale Model, by removing endogenous mouse receptor, which cannot be used for viral entry, it’s possible to increase susceptibility to the virus.

Current COVID-19 models available soon:

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