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Conditional Knockout with Reporter

Make your research more certain with an easily detectable reporter.

Adding a reporter gene to a conditional knockout model enables you to visualize when and where the gene is inactivated. This gives you confirmation at the level of single cells that recombination has knocked out the target gene. Different strategies for incorporating reporters are available, depending on the genomic structure of your gene of interest.

Conditional Knockout with Inverted Reporter

Conditional Knockout With Reporter For Small Genes

Reporter Expresses Before Cre Recombination

Reporter Expresses Before and After Cre Recombination

Every experiment using a conditional knockout mouse model has two requirements: demonstration of successful knockout and labeling of affected cells and tissues. By adding a reporter to your targeting strategy both these conditions are satisfied as part of the experiment. At the same time as your gene of interest is floxed a reporter gene sequence is introduced, with expression of the reporter controlled by Cre recombinase activity. Depending on your preferred strategy the reporter can be activated or deactivated at the same time as your target gene is knocked out. This gives you cell-specific labeling of successful knockout. An important consideration is that the level of reporter gene expression depends on the expression level of your targeted gene. Besides the strategies described below, consider our TruView Conditional Knockout™ model to guarantee strong reporter expression after knockout.

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